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 Argentina Travel

Argentina, the country of the large skies, a great world still mostly virgin offering supreme beauty in a high diversity of glaciers, falls and oceans. Buenos Aires, a city open to every ethnic group and so European in character, Iguassu Falls, the site of great waters, Bariloche's typical Alpine attraction, the great Patagonian Andes and the land of glaciers. A country of many worlds, surprisingly easy to visit.

Belize Travel
Belize, the Adventure Coast... dive the Azure Caribbean, explore jungle-veiled archeological site, encounter exotic wildlife or just luxuriate in the warmth of the sun. Belize is a well kept secret of friendly, English-speaking people, English is the national language with Spanish, Garifuna and Creole widely spoken. The country is democratic, stable and peaceful, a preserve of virgin forest and marine wonders!

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Bolivia Travel
Bolivia, one of the few countries in the world where the native culture has not been cancelled by conquering foreigners: Tiwanaku and the islands and shore of Lake Titicaca surrounded by all the myths and magic of ancient traditions. The high plateau offers cities like Sucre and Potosi, declared a Natural Monument of Humanity. In Bolivia you find the Kallawaya, the doctors of the Tiwanaku Empire still using the healing powers on Andean herbs and rituals...

Brazil Travel
Brazil, one of the largest countries in the world...Amazon jungle and Pantanal Eco-adventures. Rio de Janeiro, probably the most beautiful city in the world and the splendid beaches of Fortaleza and Recife, unique colonial cities like Salvador do Bahia and modern skyscrapers in Sao Paulo...Brazil is unique, different and all to discover.

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Chile Travel
Chile, a 2600 mile long strip of land encompassing so many ecological landscapes. From the barren Atacama desert in the north to a winter wonderland in the south...Chile offers the greatest assortment of scenic spectaculars of any country in South America.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica, beautiful parks untouched forests, exotic animals and plants, countless varieties of species distributed among the 12 different life zones and uncountable ecosystems, all in 20,000 sq. miles.

Guatemala Airfare
Guatemala, a nation rich in history and culture famed for its native arts, crafts, and natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the native Indian cultures, visit exuberant jungles, the extraordinary market at Chichicastenango, the beautiful lake Atitlan and the Mayan city of Tikal !

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Mexico Airfares
... Mexico City, the largest city in the world is also one of the most in history, pulsing with culture and street life. Cancun, renowned for its powdery white beaches and dazzling turquoise waters, Mexico's most glamorous destination. Glittering playground of the jet set for years, Acapulco is now enjoying a renaissance...its beautiful scenery still breathtaking as ever.

Peru Travelling
Peru, a cultural heritage of over 10,000 years proven by a great number of archeological remains. The great cultures of the Mocha and Chimu along with the power of the Inca Empire. A colonial heritage that shows  everywhere one looks. Mystery, tradition, adventure and culture. That is Peru.

Venezuela's one of the dream destinations in the Caribbean, which offers a great variety of sun soaked beaches, crystal clear water, untouched tropical rain forests, waterfalls, table top mountains and even snow capped mountains, all available within one destination. From the Andes to the wide Savannas in the Gran Sabana, and from the Orinoco to the Llanos...a land of contrasts.

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